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Something I created Just like that.

Click here to download the Retro Music Record source file


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Well this was created some time back when a friend wanted a sticker on his bike. So now here I am giving it up to you all. This downloadable file contains this artwork in 3 different color formats.
1-Black & White
2-Red & White
3-Gradient Color & White

Click here to download the Skull on fire source file.

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As I promised, here I am with some updates on the Free Vector section.

Same vector are, but now it has more colors. Hope this satisfies you designing needs and find its way in some kool project.

Click here to download the new Highlighter Source file (With more colors)

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Hey Guys…
Lately I’ve been working on some random vector arts. Now those who don’t know what vector is, please follow this link

I’ve decided to share some of my work online with people who might require for their use.

If these graphics is of any help to you, Please do drop a line in the comments area J

The first FREE graphics in this session is this Vector Highlighter.

Currently its only in one color, but soon i’ll update some more colors.

Click Here, to download the source file for this graphic.

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In the pursuit of setting up my more enhanced version of macro studio, I headed to the market this weekend. The main intention was to grab as much information I can and, if I get a good deal, Grab as much stuff as I can. I went to a couple of local hardware stores around, and realize that building this was not as easy as I though. It took a lot of time and effort to convey the idea to the masters. But once I got the right person, it was a cakewalk after that.

As I decided earlier, the backbone of this structure would be 12, 1 Foot Hard pipes. This would form a Cube structure. And 8 ,3-way Elbow Joints to join the pipes. What I realized later was that the 1 Foot Cube would be too small. So I increased it to 2 Feet (24 inches). This would mean a total length of pipes now would be 2 feet  X 12 pieces = 24 Feet . This pretty doubled my expected cost. Still it was a much cheaper deal. So I went ahead and bought it.

So now I have all the basic things ready. And all of this cost me Rs 300.00 /- Only (Approximately $ 7)…
3 Way Elbow Joint (8 nos) Rs 30 X 8 = Rs 240
2 Feet Pipes (12 Nos) Rs 5 x 12 = Rs 60

What’s left now?
Now that I have the structure ready I need to get it covered. $10 Macro Studio from strobist uses Butter paper for the sides and top. But I’m thinking of using a cloth. A Semi transparent Light fabric cloth, I’m thinking cotton.

Why Cloth?
It’s a onetime investment. Its stronger and durable then the butter papers. Its washable if it gets dirty. If at all it gets crumbled I can always wash it, Iron it, and use it.

So now, getting this piece of cloth and covering my macro studio structure will be my next stage.  Till then do send me your responses.

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One of the recent works that has kept me occupied most of this week, was designing icons, to be used on a Mobile Application of a certain bank. development is still at a very early stage. so expect more changes on this. Also its currently being tested on Windows Mobile platform.

Balance Enquiry
Fund Transfer
Mini Statement

Eventually these icons will be used in other mobile platforms as well.

The White links has been put up on the above image intentionally. This will be removed once the application is launched.

Comments and Suggestions and Welcomes 🙂

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I won’t say that I’m a good photographer or anything. Not even do I know when the shutter bug stuck me. But now photography in various forms is one of my favourite hobbies. I would love to take it up as a profession, but for now I’m pretty happy to explore the boundaries.

Some of my favorite forms of photography:-

  1. Automobiles
  2. Macro
  3. Portrait
  4. Landscape

Different time and different post I’ll talk about the other forms but this one is about me exploring the beauties of life in Macro Mode.

In simple worlds Macro Photography is taking close-up pictures of objects.

The tools that I use to satisfy my Macro needs…

  1. Canon SD630  ( Point & Shoot)
  2. Canon Rebel Xti ( DSLR)
  3. 18-55mm Lens
  4. 70-200mm USM L

And very soon I’m  going to add a durable Macro studio in this list.

In this section I will share the whole development of this Macro Studio. I’m still doing the paper works which I will share as well.

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