Mobile Application Icon

One of the recent works that has kept me occupied most of this week, was designing icons, to be used on a Mobile Application of a certain bank. development is still at a very early stage. so expect more changes on this. Also its currently being tested on Windows Mobile platform.

Balance Enquiry
Fund Transfer
Mini Statement

Eventually these icons will be used in other mobile platforms as well.

The White links has been put up on the above image intentionally. This will be removed once the application is launched.

Comments and Suggestions and Welcomes 🙂


My Obsession

Obsession (ob·ses·sion)
“an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with
something or someone.”
What I’m obsessed about ?
Collecting scale model of cars and bikes, in all and any scale.
What I love the most about them ?
  1. They have a great detailing… Now I’m not talking about the hotwheel cars that we
    used to play with when we were young, Just holding two cars and bashing them. That
    was fun back then… but now even the smallest scratch makes me mad as if it’s a dent
    or scratch on my real car.
  2. And also with these scale models I can at least fulfill my dreams of owning sports cars and bikes.
  3. Doing a photo shoot with these babies is just amazing they look so real.. you’ll know
    by the pics.

Now i’ll let some of the images do the talking. 😉


MV_Agusta bike scale model 1:18


MV_Agusta bike scale model 1:18

Hummer H1

Hummer H1 KIT Scale Model 1:24

Over time i’ll keep posting images of my collections.

Macro Studio – 1

I won’t say that I’m a good photographer or anything. Not even do I know when the shutter bug stuck me. But now photography in various forms is one of my favourite hobbies. I would love to take it up as a profession, but for now I’m pretty happy to explore the boundaries.

Some of my favorite forms of photography:-

  1. Automobiles
  2. Macro
  3. Portrait
  4. Landscape

Different time and different post I’ll talk about the other forms but this one is about me exploring the beauties of life in Macro Mode.

In simple worlds Macro Photography is taking close-up pictures of objects.

The tools that I use to satisfy my Macro needs…

  1. Canon SD630  ( Point & Shoot)
  2. Canon Rebel Xti ( DSLR)
  3. 18-55mm Lens
  4. 70-200mm USM L

And very soon I’m  going to add a durable Macro studio in this list.

In this section I will share the whole development of this Macro Studio. I’m still doing the paper works which I will share as well.

Hello world!

Let The Adventure Start

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